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Aiyana Sol Machado

Aiyana Sol Machado​ Is a multi-talented, multi-cultural visionary dedicated to the liberation & healing of people & communities for over 20 years. She is an organizer, artist, scholar-activist, researcher, mother, partner, sister, daughter, community member, birthworker and lover of life! Aiyana Sol began as an inner city dance instructor in the East Coast and the Twin Cities, modeling and encouraging the use of the arts for liberation and activism. She studied Social Science at Metropolitan State University while also grant writing, directing, and assessing youth programs. Aiyana Sol inspires integrity in diversity and positive educational outcomes through evidence based approaches in youth, human and program development. As a Boricua of Caribbean diaspora heritage and trained dancer/choreographer, Aiyana Sol explores the organic historical convergence of the Indigenous Taino, African and Spanish of Boriken (Puerto Rico). Currently, she is the National Director of Implementation & Operations for ​E3: Education, Excellence & Equity​, founder of Karaya Guey, Co-founder of Kumbé and collective artist member of Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center.