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Sumayya is a steadfast peaceful warrior from the South who has served for close to 25 years in various capacities as an advocate for all women, children, families and communities to heal from domestic violence. Her leadership has helped to develop strong and diverse mentorship and broad outreach in many communities nationally.  Her approaches with national and statewide coalitions, community and faith-based organizations as well as local programs on cultural competency, racism and oppressions has been to make pathways for women of color leadership. Her vast experiences and lessons learned from consulting opportunities, years of outreach, national and grassroots organizing, and now through social media, inspire her powerful mission to end violence against women.  She is a writer and talk-show host, has a strong interest in creative fund development for organizing and educating communities of color. She has a Bachelor degree in Administration and Management, has taken courses in non-profit, project management, and social work. She is a fellow of the Maryland Nonprofit Association Advocacy Leadership Program. Sumayya is located in the Southern Region.